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Elevate your counseling practice and revolutionize your approach to therapy with Charles Bender’s Subconscious Breakthrough Techniques. Join us for an exclusive online workshop led by Charles Bender, MHR, CCHt, MT-NLP, where you’ll gain invaluable insights and techniques to transform the lives of your clients.

Step into the world of advanced therapeutic techniques as Charles guides you through cutting-edge methods to identify and recognize subconscious cues, unlocking the energy trapped in negative subconscious loops. With over 15 years of experience, Charles has successfully helped clients overcome post-traumatic stress and achieve breakthrough results. Now, he’s ready to empower you with the same transformative techniques.

In this immersive workshop, you’ll discover the power of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), learning how to guide your clients from negative states to positive, productive mental states in just a matter of sessions. Gain practical knowledge on recognizing subconscious cues and understanding your client’s primary representational system to facilitate deeper, more effective therapy sessions.

What You’ll Gain:

– Insight into recognizing subconscious cues and their significance.

– Techniques to identify and leverage your client’s primary representational system.

– Strategies to help your clients be more receptive during therapy sessions.

– Powerful, easy-to-learn techniques to change negative memory loops.

Why Attend? Charles Bender’s unique approach combines in-depth knowledge with real-world strategies, specifically curated for professional therapists. This workshop is a can’t-miss opportunity to elevate your practice and make a lasting impact on your clients’ lives.

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Date: Saturday, April 27, 2024

Time: 11:00 am

Location: online meeting

CEU Credits: 3 Oklahoma Licensure Board

Are you ready to transform your counseling practice and empower your clients to achieve lasting change? Join us for Charles Bender’s Subconscious Breakthrough Series and take your therapy skills to new heights.

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Understanding and Practicing Somatic Polyvagal

Understanding and Practicing Somatic Polyvagal 4/12/24

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Friday, April 12, 2024 at 12:00 PM – 3:30 PM CDT

Online Webinar
Moore, OK 73160


CEU Credits: 3

Unlocking Healing: Understanding Trauma and the Nervous System Workshop

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of trauma and its profound effects on the nervous system? Join us for an illuminating workshop where we delve into the complexities of trauma and learn how to facilitate healing through a polyvagal informed approach.

Workshop Overview:

Gain insights into how trauma impacts the nervous system and discover effective strategies for healing.

Explore various forms of trauma, from systemic racism to emotional abuse, to better understand their pervasive impact.

Understand how the autonomic nervous system responds to perceived threats and learn to identify different states, including safety, fight or flight, and immobility.

Explore the fascinating concept of neuroception and how our brains detect threats, even in seemingly safe environments.

Discover the crucial role of regulation in trauma healing and explore techniques such as somatic practices, attunement, and self-regulation to foster a sense of safety.

Acknowledge the journey towards accessing the ventral state of safety, especially for those who have experienced significant trauma, and learn strategies for gradual healing and resilience.

Who Should Attend:

Mental health professionals



Anyone interested in understanding trauma on a deeper level

Workshop Details:

Date: April 12, 2024

Time: Noon Central Time

Location: Presented Online


Presenter: Porsche Reimer-Law, LPC

Porsche Reimer-Law, LPC bio photo

Brief Bio:

  • Graduated with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern Oklahoma State
  • University in 2007
  • Began a PhD program in Educational Psychology the same year, completing all course work and comps in 2012 through Capella University.
  • After relocating to Edmond, OK, began teaching at Oklahoma State University – OKC campus in 2010 as an adjunct professor and has been teaching there since.
  • Counselor since 2007
  • LPC supervisor since 2014.
  • NCE test prep coach who has helped hundreds of candidates to pass the NCE and grow in their profession.


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