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Protesting Domestic Violence Behind the Veil: Inside the Mind of MenThat Abuse

Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse –

Profile of an Abuser Is it possible to spot an abusive partner before you get involved?

Women’s Resource Center

Mission Statement: Since 1975, The Women’s Resource Center in Norman, OK has been helping women live better lives. Over the years we have redefined our goals to meet the changing needs of the community. Their primary work is to help people victimized by domestic and sexual violence. The Shelter, the Rape Crisis Center, and the Satellite Office fill an urgent need. The WRC is the only organization providing these services in Cleveland County.

Crime against women affects all of us. WRC believes that education is the first step toward prevention. Information will make people more sensitive to the needs of victims of violence, more willing to take a hard look at the causes of these crimes, and better able to find ways to prevent them.

They are dedicated to the belief that members of our community deserve to live in safety and without violence.

There is no charge for receiving services at the Women’s Resource Center.

Contact Information

P.O. Box 5089
Norman, Ok 73070
WRC Business line: 405-364-9424
WRC Fax line: 405-364-4888
Domestic Violence Shelter: 405-701-5497
Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 405-701-5540
Rape Crisis Center: 405-701-5550
Sexual Violence Crisis Line: 405-701-5660
and the Satellite 222 East Eufaula
Norman, OK, 73069