Taming Your Chronic Pain Dragon

“Opiate addiction has become an epidemic.”

“Americans consume 85% of all opiate drugs in the world.”

“What’s driving all this pain?”

 “Discover how emotions interact with chronic pain and learn to master it.”

“Learn about highly effective yet little known natural remedies.”

What if you could reduce chronic pain by 50 or even 70 percent without drugs in a matter of weeks?

How much better would you feel at 70% less pain?

How many of life’s pleasures would you be able to experience again? Wouldn’t it be great to have your old life back?

What You Will Learn

We combine Dr. John E. Sarno’s Tension Myositis Syndrome featured in the his best selling books with holistic psychology and natural wellness to create the easiest and most powerful approach to mastering chronic pain available to date. The program usually takes around four weeks on average during which time you will discover how to truly manage your chronic pain 100% naturally. You also get the lowdown on the best all natural chronic pain reducing supplements available today. When you put all this together the result is a stunning reduction in pain level.


Will It Work for You?

Our protocol will help people with chronic pain who understand that pent up negative emotions and feelings like anger, sadness, fear and grief tend to  intensify and exacerbate chronic pain. Negative life experiences including but not limited to; physical, sexual or emotional abuse, the loss of loved ones, post-traumatic stress, financial hardship, stressful career, dealing with toxic people or toxic situations are a few of the possible causes of pent up negative emotions.

If you have ever noticed that your pain tends to get worse when you’re under stress, feeling anxious and/or depressed this program will help you.

Of course, it’s important to realize not all pain can be addressed using this approach. For this reason, your medical doctor should be consulted prior to doing anything that might effect your ongoing medical treatment.


We Explore

  • the connection between chronic pain and negative emotions
  • natural herbs and supplements for chronic pain
  • drug free stress and anxiety management tools

We offer private individual and group options. Participants can realize measurable improvements in their ability to control chronic tension related pain using what they learn. After successfully completing this program most participants perceive measurably lower pain levels.


What Does It Cost?

Because this is an education program and not therapy of any kind it cannot be billed to health insurance. The cost is modest but depends on the individual’s specific health history.  Our service is  tailored to your individual needs based on many factors that vary greatly from one person tot he next.

To receive a free no obligation cost estimate call Charles at (405) 912-5145.