Natural Wellness Coaching

Is a method of creating good health in the human body using natural substances like food, air, water, exercise, good mental and spiritual practices, herbs and other nutritional supplement.

Our resident natural health practitioner, Charles D. Bender with a doctorate in natural health and wellness helps you achieve cognitive and emotional balance. At Chrysalis we believe all people suffering from psychological disorders benefit from nutritional balance. The brain, like any other organ in the body, is dependent on the fuel the body runs on. Just like with a car you have to put the right kind of fuel in it or it doesn’t run right. Same is true for your body.

Unfortunately, what passes for food today¬† isn’t as good for the body we we are lead to believe. The food we buy at the big chain stores might look okay but it is not as nutritious as it should be. Putting bad fuel in your body confounds psychological and emotional balance in many people. If you put junk in your body you can’t expect your brain or other organs to function properly. Knowing how to correct the resulting problems and return you to feeling emotionally and physically balanced.