Holistic Emotional Wellness Coaching

Holistic Emotional Wellness Coaching is an integrated approach that treats the “whole” person rather than focusing on symptoms of disease. In this regard, mind and body are inseparable and must be taken as a whole when it comes to creating and maintaining good health. This includes emotional and physical health.
To feel emotionally well you must also be physically well. Feelings of emotional wellness aren’t easy to come by when your body is out of balance.  A nutritionally balanced body supports and encourages healthy emotional feelings and reactions. Our holistic practitioners take careful stock of your specific situation.  We take the time to listen to your story so we understand who you are and how we can best help you. We take into account your personal emotional and physical health history, lifestyle and issues. Then we design a course of action to help you achieve a feelings of  wellness.
At Chrysalis Institute you are an active participant in your wellness program. Our philosophy is that you are responsible for your own health and you must be an active participant in the healing process. True healing occurs on many levels at the same time. The human body isn’t a machine its a complex living organism. Creating health and wellness is a very different thing than diagnosing and treating disease. However, your efforts toward creating wellness always have a positive influence on illness. Those who have diseased bodies owe it to themselves to do everything possible to provide their body with everything it needs to heal and create health again in addition to whatever medical protocol your medical practitioner advises. We coach and encourage responsible daily action toward achieving and maintaining feelings of health and well being. Feeling and being well doesn’t just happen. You don’t just luck into a happy fulfilling life. It takes sustained effort and careful choices to give yourself every opportunity to create health and happiness. We support our clients every step of the way, helping them make appropriate choices and take responsibility for their well being.

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